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Cannabis Testing

Quality cannabis is defined by its testing results. To sell a cannabis product, licensed producers must meet key safety standards and evolving regulatory requirements. While some may initially think they can conduct their own testing, most cannabis companies quickly realize they need a lab partner with a proven track record in analytical testing of cannabis and cannabis products. Keystone Labs offers a wide range of services to the cannabis industry, helping you meet Health Canada’s regulatory requirements and get your products to market.

Micro CA


Ensure your cannabis is safe by testing for various microorganisms and establishing tolerance limits for microbiological contamination.

cannabis testing

Potency & Profile

Every batch of cannabis must be tested for potency with total THC and CBD results reported on packaging and to patients.

Loss on Drying
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Loss on Drying

Moisture Content - The weight of volatile impurities relative to the total weight of the sample assessed by drying the sample in a oven and measuring the weight loss.

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