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What is the LOQ of the Potency Method?

Find out our Limit of Quantitation for potency testing

What is the LOQ of the Potency Method?

Cannabinoid concentration is reported as mg/g (and %w/w). The following calculation is performed on the template:

mg/g = (Cannabinoid concentration ug/mL X extraction volume X Dilution factor) / (mass of sample X 1000)

Because the extraction volume, mass of sample and dilution factor are used in the calculation and these parameters change based on sample type etc, the LOQ will change. The LOQ for the sample is calculated by the template and is on every report. If a cannabinoid is not present at or above the 2ug/ml standard (lowest standard and LOQ of the method), the template performs the calculation above using <2ug/ml as the value. The report will have a < value for the mg/g for that cannabinoid.

Dry flower and Oil are typically performed using 0.2g of sample, 20mL extraction volume and the lowest dilution run is 5X. Inputting these parameters into the template the THC and CBD LOQ would be 1.9mg/g, reported as <1.9mg/g.

Sample Volumes Table

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