Our Story.

We love science: the hypothesis, the research and testing, the data and results. But what really makes us tick and inspired us to start Keystone in 2005? We know tests and results are meaningless unless you know how to use the data to your advantage. We know good science is good business.

Keystone is a GMP accredited lab that delivers analytical and microbiological testing services for pharmaceutical, cannabis and related industries. We go farther than other labs or testing facilities. We’re your lab partner and an active member of your team. Keystone helps you better understand, interpret and apply the data generated by our testing. Our testing helps you improve your products and processes, meet your regulatory requirements and add to your bottom line.


Our Team.

While we are all about the data; we know the people behind the data are just as important. The Keystone team is an eclectic mix of scientists, technology geeks and business people. We’re leaders in our field and thrive on collaborating with clients. Think of us as an extension of your team. We are singularly focused on delivering reliable, accurate solutions and results you can understand and immediately apply. Have a problem you need to address or a regulatory requirement you must meet? We’ve got you covered. With Keystone, you get experience, know-how and science ready to work for you.