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Why Agilent?


Agilent Enabled.

Agilent's commitment to us:

  • A vendor partner that is committed to Keystone’s success and provides guidance and support to achieve Keystone’s goals for quality, ROI, throughput and productivity.   

  • The best instrument uptime, throughput and productivity, as well as quick operational implementation, and protection against  evolving regulations.

  • Access to the most cutting-edge methodologies so that we can compete in the marketplace. 

  • Access to a team of experts for method development and access to best practices.

Our commitment to Agilent:

  • Outfitting the entire lab with Agilent equipment.

  • Shared values e.g. commitment to quality and safety of products.

  • Build a relationship based on trust and the willingness to share ideas, methodologies, resources as well as partner in marketing activities.

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