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How do I submit a sample

A step-by-step guide for cannabis sample submission

How do I submit a sample

1. Pick your best sample

2. Make sure it's trimmed and void of leaves, sticks, seeds and debris

3. We have two potency prices $129 for basic THC, THCA, CBD and CBDA $212 for 10 cannabinoids (price increase June 21, 2021)

4. Fill out the Sample Submission Form and email it to us for review so you can confidently send it with your sample

5. A good sample size for potency only is 3-5 grams for a good representation of your batch - it's always up to you and unfortunately, there are huge variables with cannabis buds even on a singular plant

6. Make sure the sample is labeled and corresponds to the sample submission sheet

7. Send by courier or Canada Post express (request a signature). Please request a tracking number to follow the shipping process and confirm the shipment at Keystone Labs

8. We test potency on Monday and Thursdays, terpenes are once a week. You will receive your report within 10 days of sample arrival

9. Once your sample is in the queue you will receive an email invoice you can click and pay

10. If you haven't paid the service prior to the report there will be a delay until payment is received

Sample Volumes Table

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