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Stability Studies 101

Introduction: Part 1

Do you have questions about stability testing and is stability testing something you have been considering for your product?

· What will a stability study tell me?

· What do I need to perform a successful stability study?

· When should I start a stability study?

· Why would I need to do a stability study?

· Where do I even start?

· How can I use stability study data, will it help to operate more efficiently?

· Can someone help me with this?

These are all excellent questions and if you are asking any of them, a stability study may be exactly what you need.

Stability studies are designed to show how a final-packaged product ages. Over the course of the study, the product is checked to see if anything important or substantial is changing. This might be as simple as – has the colour changed? It can be as specific and technical as – is the active ingredient breaking down over time and how quickly is it changing? It also can include important testing elements to monitor microbial contamination that will impact the quality of the product for the end user.

In this series, we will explore the big questions on stability studies. If you have some immediate questions, we are always happy to chat and explore unique stability solutions for your product. Call or email us at (587) 458-8411,

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